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Reattaching SMB Share


Hi all,


It is possible what I did is not valid, so hear me out.

I have a local hard drive.  It is attached through a DDWRT converted WIFI router.  I access this over CIFS (\\<router ip>\share).


I tested this out using CloudDrive with drive encryption enabled.  Just to check the speeds / performance.  Very nice!  I was limited by the WIFI link - as expected.

Keep in mind, my reason for doing CloudDrives is to get my photos of my kids out of the house in case of fire.  I have long wanted to also get the videos of my kids out of the house - but without paying for the service, I cannot allocate that much space.  Also, I have a shoestring for internet, so it would take probably until the house DID burn down to get everything uploaded.


  • As I intend to put this 1.5TB drive in my neighbor's house, I thought, why not also toss on Bitlocker?  Just playing around - not like this is going to make it ANY more secure.  
    • This was taking forever over the WIFI link.
  • My next step was to disconnect the drive and attach it locally to my server.  I then re-created the drive and turned on bitlocker.  This took a while to finish as the initial encryption of bitlocker usually does.  It also means that the ENTIRE CloudDrive was written.  So, I have 1.36TB of chunks on that 1.5TB drive.  OK great!
  • This morning, I disconnected the "Local" Drive by unplugging the USB (using proper USB eject).  Then, plugged the router back in and attached this drive.  While I waited for that to boot, I updated the CloudDrive version and reset the server.  I got a notification in RED that said it could not reconnect to the local drive.  I destroyed the local drive as I do not intend to use it like that again.
  • I tested my DDWRT router connectivity using Explorer.  Everything was good.
  • I then added a File Share.  CloudDrive was able to connect to the drive.  Here is where I am stuck.  USUALLY when I reattach existing drives from say Google Drive, or DropBox, if my memory is serving me...I get a menu that allows me to reattach / enter my decrypt key.


With the local share, I do not see that.  I only get the option to create a new drive.  Am I mistaken and I only need to go back through the recreation steps?  I do not want to lose what i have (Bitlocker took a REALLY long time!!).  What are the steps I need to re-add this back in?  I can certainly handle any bitlocker side.  I just want to ensure I get the drive attached without wiping it and starting over.  If I must, I will recreate it, but again, I'd hate to lose what I did with Bitlocker only because of the time investment.  I still do not think it is going to make a difference security wise, and if someone is going to break the AES that CloudDrive puts on there, ok, have fun looking at pictures / video of my kids.



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Make sure you're using the correct share/smb/cifs path here.  If you have, don't include the StableBit CloudDrive folder,


Also, make sure that the files exist on the share, and that there is a "METADATA" folder present somewhere here, and that it has 3-4 files in it. 



Otherwise, try running the StableBit Troubleshooter:



Use "3127" for the contact ID. 

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I never made the support ticket.  I ended up just wiping the drive.

Basically what I could determine, the meta files as well as folder structure was different between using SMB and direct drive.  That is, you can't just DUMP a drive over a USB connection to say SEED a drive, prior to mailing it to someone else, whom then attaches it to their share network or FTP for your remote use.  At least not without hand creating a slew of files and changing the directory structure (the CloudDrive folder on the raw hard drive itself).


I could not wait as I needed the drive up and running, so I just wiped it and re-created it...which was a bit painful due to how LONG it took to Bitlock and Encrypt the 1.5TB drive...but it is up and running now.


My thoughts are this either should be noted, changed, or an "upgrade" path/conversion tool should be provided.  I'm guessing based on what I saw in the meta-data files, the easiest path is to just tell people NOT to do this.


For now, I'll seed my drive using a local FTP server.  Then I can mail the drive to my remote site and just have them attach over FTP as well (we have a VPN between sites so...ftp is just fine).

I'm thinking that the meta data doesn't include THAT much data, where at least moving from one FTP server to another, so long as the folder structure matches, I'll be fine.

It is easier to just use SMB, however, I'm thinking because of my shoestring internet, probably better to use something more efficient like FTP.


Thanks again for all of your support!

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