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Is Drive Pool able to duplicate over network (subnet is fine) to another computer?


Does the duplication have to be done on the host computer or does it offer the possibility to duplicate (manually at preconfigured settings at a click of a button or to be scheduled) to another computer (for me personally mostly on the same home network is of interest)?


Reason I'm asking is that my new fileserver I prefer to maximize the storage (4 slots) on the NAS and partially that I think it's good to have a copy also on another device in case of whatever critical failure the NAS has or potentially a virus etc.


So I'd want to have the backup on my workstation computer that I can run either scheduled or manually every now and then when I'm not busy doing other stuff, I don't necessarily fancy the idea to always instantly updating the mirror copy, for me say even having a 1 month or so old copy would be fine probably.


I know some other backup/sync software allows encrypted transfer mirroring over network (I've got experience of such software) but I'm interesting in the "pooling" part of Drive Pool as well as the simplicity. If it doesn't support it, I guess you could take this as a suggestion as I really like the software what I'm reading about it on the paper so maybe I could switch over sometimes in the future. :)

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