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Do I need to include .covefs when used with snapraid?



Hi all. I'm testing out a setup under Server 2016 utilizing Drivepool and SnapRAID. I am using mount points to folders. I did not change anything in the snapraid conf file for hidden files:

# Excludes hidden files and directories (uncomment to enable).

# Defines files and directories to exclude
# Remember that all the paths are relative at the mount points
# Format: "exclude FILE"
# Format: "exclude DIR\"
# Format: "exclude \PATH\FILE"
# Format: "exclude \PATH\DIR\"
exclude *.unrecoverable
exclude Thumbs.db
exclude \$RECYCLE.BIN
exclude \System Volume Information
exclude \Program Files\
exclude \Program Files (x86)\
exclude \Windows\

When running snapraid sync it outputs that it is ignoring the covefs folder - WARNING! Ignoring special 'system-directory' file 'C:/drives/array1disk2/PoolPart.23601e15-9e9c-49fa-91be-31b89e726079/.covefs'


Is it important to include this folder? I'm not sure why it is excluding it in the first place since nohidden is commented out. But my main question is if covefs should be included. Thanks.

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Only if you're mounting the drive to a folder on the pool.  If it's the other way around then, it doesn't affect the pool.


And remember that this data is stored on 3 different disks.  You'd need to lose 3 for the data to be lost.  (this behavior is hardcoded and CANNOT be changed)

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