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  1. I have tried that but that didn't resolve the issue either. Ended up using stable *.561 version, which is currently working.
  2. Hi all, I am using the latest beta (*.852). For some reason, no drives are showing up, including system drive. All the other drives are mounted to folders in Windows 7. I have tried a repair install to no avail. Additionally, I found a setting for boot-up logs so those are attached. Also submitted logs under the troubleshooting tool, hopefully linked to this topic number. Thanks. drivepool-logs.zip
  3. I'm not extremely knowledgeable about NTFS permissions. How do I know if they were defined with user accounts? The way I currently share my shares under Windows 7 requires that when I access the folder from another client I will have to put in the username/password of the account that originally shared them. This sounds like what you are referring to? What if the account username/password is the same on the old system and the new system I am moving to?
  4. Hi all, I wanted to know if there is a proper way to do this. If I wanted to move an entire pool (all drives) from one computer to another, are there any precautions to take? Will DrivePool on the new system recognize that this is a pool? Thanks.
  5. Quick update. So I removed a disk by 1) removing its disk path under Disk Management, 2) taking the drive offline, 3) putting the new drive online, mounting it to the original folder, 4) remove old drive in DrivePool, add the new drive, 5) update snapraid.conf, 6) running SnapRAID to repopulate the new drive, 7) run rebalance in DrivePool so everything shows up correctly. I looked under Balancing again, but this time instead of losing all of the File Placement settings, it retains it but as noted before, I specified one folder in the pool to use only one drive. My setup for testing consists of two drives. Here it ends up selecting both drives to place the data on, so technically the settings are not retained. Also, under File Placement, if I click on Rules, an error window pops up: "Can't cancel task. The given key was not present in the directory." And this error pops up again when I click back on Folders.
  6. I am testing out the latest stable version ( I'll try the beta and let you know how it goes. Thank you.
  7. Setup is DrivePool + SnapRAID under Server 2016. I've been testing in preparation for actual setup. I have two drive set up in DrivePool with a File Placement setting so that data placed in a particular folder is preferentially placed on a specific drive. To simulate a lost drive, I take it offline from Disk Management first, then DrivePool says a drive is gone so I remove it there (have to do it this way so DrivePool doesn't move files around when removing a drive). Then I add a new drive and remount it to a folder in Disk Management. The new drive shows up and I added it DrivePool. Then after tidying up snapraid.conf I run snapraid fix to restore the bad drive that was removed. If I head back to DrivePool I have to set up File Placement rules again. It sounds like this is what should normally happen, but is there any reason to have some way to save or restore File Placement settings?
  8. Thank you. Does mounting a drive to a folder count as using reparse points?
  9. Hi all. I'm testing out a setup under Server 2016 utilizing Drivepool and SnapRAID. I am using mount points to folders. I did not change anything in the snapraid conf file for hidden files: # Excludes hidden files and directories (uncomment to enable). #nohidden # Defines files and directories to exclude # Remember that all the paths are relative at the mount points # Format: "exclude FILE" # Format: "exclude DIR\" # Format: "exclude \PATH\FILE" # Format: "exclude \PATH\DIR\" exclude *.unrecoverable exclude Thumbs.db exclude \$RECYCLE.BIN exclude \System Volume Information exclude \Program Files\ exclude \Program Files (x86)\ exclude \Windows\ When running snapraid sync it outputs that it is ignoring the covefs folder - WARNING! Ignoring special 'system-directory' file 'C:/drives/array1disk2/PoolPart.23601e15-9e9c-49fa-91be-31b89e726079/.covefs' Is it important to include this folder? I'm not sure why it is excluding it in the first place since nohidden is commented out. But my main question is if covefs should be included. Thanks.
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