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Drivepool and missing files with win 10 and flexraid


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So switched to windows 10 server and trying out transparent raid instead of snapshot raid. Transferred all files into storagepool. Moved drives to server and did install. Everything seemed fine until I started old whs OS up and drivepool tried taking ownership again of drives. Now going back to traid I am showing hidden files totaling all the data but they are hidden. I have found their are PoolPart folders on each drive with all my media but they are hidden. No idea what to do at this point. Would hate to restart as I migrated 14TB of data to new drives. 

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Basically I have a three drives in storage pool with transparent raid (flexraid). On each drive is a hidden poolpart folder with all my data. I'm assuming that means because drivepool has control over them. Why I am confused is previously when I had drives under Drivepool the poolpart folder was not hidden.

So would I be OK to move all the files in the hidden pool part folder out of there and still retain all my data. Drive pool had balanced my drives so the data is spread throughout 3 disks.

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Ah, okay.


And yes, StableBit DrivePool stores the pooled data in the (hidden) PoolPart folders.  the data is stored and accessed there, and show relative to the Poolpart folders.


As for not being hidden, there are a couple of things that could cause that.  If you manually un-hid the drive (being hidden isn't a requirement, we just do so for "usability"),  or if you removed the drive with either of the options enabled.  This will skip files and make the folder unhidden when it finishes.


And as for moving the data out... if you move the data from the poolpart folders, that data is no longer considered pooled.  Our software will not touch it, it won't balance it, it won't duplicate it, and it definitely won't show up in the pool.


Aside from that, there is no technical reason that you couldn't move the files out of this folder (aside from the above listed reasons).

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