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Ordered File Placement Filling Drive to 100%



I've finished migrating all my drives to ReFS V3.2 but the Balancer has now filled drives leaving 0B Free (and I know bad stuff happens).  I can not get the Balancer to free up some room on these full drives.  Attached are some Screen Shots of my setup.  I'm on Beta.  The Setup I'm trying to achieve is:

- Fill up the 7 Drives in Order

- 1 of these drives is a HGST 8TB 7200 (d232f).  Any data can be placed on this drive

- 6 of these drives are Segate 8TB Archive Drives and I only want them to have media so have added file placement rules to exclude some directories so they should reside on the HGST only.


When I run "Re-Balance" it goes through each drive, reaches 50% says it is building lists then immediately finishes without moving any files.


I've had this issue before, and had to move data out manually but I presume I've got DP configured incorrectly.  Any ideas?






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Well, it definitely looks like you have the settings configured properly.



Could you use the "dpcmd" utility and the "check-pool-fileparts" for the specific folders (I can give you the specific commands, if needed).


Also, is the pool condition degraded? At anything less than 100%

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I think the pool is fine (not seeing any warning in the GUI anyway).  I've now moved 2GB off each of the drives manually (for safety) and re-run the Balancer but same thing, it will not take files off these "Full" drives to met the value specified in "Or this much free space"....


Currently running a "dpcmd check-pool-fileparts G:\" over the entire pool (if that is what you want).  Will post back with the results.



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Here is what it reported:


! Error: Can't get duplication information for '\\?\M:\System Volume Information\IndexerVolumeGuid'. Access is denied
! Error: Can't get duplication information for '\\?\M:\System Volume Information\WPSettings.dat'. Access is denied

  Directories: (26,968)
  Files: (553,539) 44.7 TB (49,134,204,160,003 
  File parts: (553,539) 44.7 TB (49,134,204,160,003 

  * Inconsistent directories: 0
  * Inconsistent files: 0
  * Missing file parts: 0 0 B (0 

  ! Error reading directories: 0
  ! Error reading files: 2
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Sorry for the delay!


The errors in the System Volume Information folder are normal.  These files/folders are locked down "super tight" and do cause this issue normally.  It can be ignored.


Specifically, use:

dpcmd check-pool-fileparts G:\ 3

That should show fairly verbose output.  Add "true" if you want it to run recursively (eg for all sub folders).


You can also add " > output.txt" to the end to save the output to a file, so you can more easily go over the output.

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Sorry, I think I was "late night posting"..... 


To clarify, the issue is that the drives are "too full", correct? 


If so, try re-enabling the "prevent drive overfill" balancer, and reconfigure this to meet your needs.


The "Drive fill options" (the top section) are for when to trigger the balancer.  Eg, if it hit this or above, then it will try to get to the "emptying" option.


Set the emptying to match the Ordered File Placement balancer, or set it to a bit below it.




Also, try installing the latest beta version: 



We've added a technical details window, like in CloudDrive, so you can get much more verbose logging of what is going on. 


Enable the balancing related options, and then try to rebalance.  See if that helps. And if not... upload the logs.


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