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After Reboot need to reattach and reauthorize encrypted drives




As of this post, I am on version:



After battling the many slowness issues I seem to have run into due to the numerous CloudDrives I have coupled with my dirt slow internet, I have been very happy with CloudDrive.  I have a macro script that goes through and allows the drives to run until they are flushed of "to upload" files allowing them to run one at a time.  This gives me pretty good performance as well!


As I discovered early on, and on purpose, if you  reboot before the drive's cache is 100% flushed out, you have to restart the upload of all the data in the cache.  Fair enough.


As I was able to make the drives perform properly through my crazy macro programming skillz, I recently was able to get the drive all flushed out to the internet.  So, I decided to reboot the PC.  I wanted to test my macro, backup software, etc. loading up upon reboot to try to try to make things automated.  Think upside down house of cards.  Everything has to be JUST RIGHT for this to work...but it is only used as a backup dumpsite..so ... I'm ok with that.


I was surprised that upon reboot:

  1. EVERY drive needed to be unlocked, then re-authenticated.  They were ALL configured for automatic unlock upon creation.  Even if I made a mistake, I did not do that on EVERY drive
  2. every drive LOST my upload configuration.

I understand for #2 you would automatically assume upload being enabled.  However, there was a reason I disabled prefetching as well as changed the upload threshold to [Off] instead of 1MB.  I also had a few drives that had Upload verification reenabled.  That might have been my fault for missing that on those drives, however I am mentioning it to ensure it is captured before that information leaves my brain.


Any idea what is going on?  As it takes SO long to unlock and re-authenticate that many drives, as well as reconfigure the settings on that many drives...I'm hopeful there is something I can do about this?

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I'm not sure I created a ticket on this.  If I did, I am sorry I did not track my status.  I do not see anything in G-mail, maybe I have no "search skillz".  ;-)


I've reset my PC a few times since and have not seen this again.  I am assuming it has something to do with my updating versions?  I am not sure.  If I see this again, I'll create a ticket.  IN the mean time, I'm just patiently waiting for the Global upload limitation feature!  I really am!  My script is mostly working - at least enough that I'm happy with everything enough to wait while the devs. update DrivePool (I think that is what you said they are working on at this time).


Thanks again!  I'd consider this closed for now.

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if you didn't, then somebody else posted something similar then.  


And it's possible.  Though, generally,it shouldn't happen.  Though, if you reset the settings for StableBit CloudDrive, then that would cause this.


But I'm glad to hear that everything seems to have settled down for you!

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I worked it out. I believe the SAME issue that is causing my re-attach is causing the drives to disconnect upon reboot.

Essentially, they all hammer my internet at the same time (or it seems so based on some bandwidth measurements...not really accurate I'll admit as there are bursts of data...not streaming).


As such, certain drives decide they lost connection and drop into a fail-safe mode and require re-authorization.


I assume this will get corrected once the global threading is added.  I would hope that ALL communication will be able to be able to be controlled this way.  TO me, this would correct every issue I've had thus far!  However, this I know you already added on my behalf!

Also, I'll add that even if it is NOT the everyone hammering to re-connect...it could very well be DrivePool.  I'm pretty sure it goes out after a reboot and re-checks all the drives for all the things it needs.  This would certainly cause the hammering at reboot as well.

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