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Creating VirtualMachine fails on the DrivePool drive



Hello there. Just faced some weird error while trying to create new virtual machine with the VMWare Player.

On the regular disk, it works perfect. But when trying to create virtual machine on the drive that pooled, it throws errors that are linked to access to some files. Unfortunately I don't see any logs, so the only possible way is the "divination by photos" :)

So, what do we have:

1. System running Windows Server 2012 R2

2. StableBit DrivePool

3. VMWare player v 6.0.1

4. All related executables of vmware are granted to run as administrator.

5. Folder F:\VirtualMachines\Home (whatever) is a full-access to Everyone.

6. Open vmware, try to create new VM. vmx and vmd files are created, but they can not be changed, they remain of the default size, and the error raises "Insufficient permission to access file.". That's all.

Creating new VM on any other physical disc leads to normal creation. When moving newly created VM to the pooled drive, and trying to run it with vmware player - it seems to work, but who knows for how long.

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That's definitely an issue.

But IIRC, Alex (the developer) actually uses vmware and his VMs are in the pool. So this is definitely odd.


Could you enable "trace logging" and duplicate the issue? That way, we can get a detailed report of what is going on?


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