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      If you're experiencing problems with the software, the best way to get ahold of us is to head to https://stablebit.com/Contact, especially if this is a licensing issue.    Issues submitted there are checked first, and handled more aggressively. So, especially if the problem is urgent, please head over there first. 
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StableBit Scanner issue


Been using DrivePool with Scanner for about 6 months now. I have 6 4GB disks installed  and about every 2 weeks I get a SMS message that looks like this:


(StableBit Scanner)
A disk is overheating:
HGST HUS724040ALA640 ATA Device 46C (Maximum: 45.7ËšC)
Model: HGST HUS724040ALA640
Serial number: 2020202020204e50333134334350574a364e5335
It is always the same disk, but the serial number I copied from the disk when I installed it (e.g. PCJWN65S) is nothing like the serial number I get from Scanner.
What am I missing? Is the serial number from Scanner the "Direct I/O disk serial number" referred to here? If so how do I get it so I can map it to the serial number I wrote down from the disk.
Really like both products this is the only mystery I have not solved so far.

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Unfortunately, I'm not sure there is a lot that can be done here.   More than likely, this is simply just what is being passed to the Operating System.  


That said, this may help:

Click on the "Settings" button in the toolbar and select "Scanner Settings". Enable the "Show advanced settings and information" option, and hit "OK". You will only need to do this once, from now on, it will always display this option.
Click on "Settings", and select the new "Advanced Settings and information" option. Open the Configuration Properties tab. Find the "Smart" section, and check the "noWmi" option.  Click on "Ok" to save the changes. 
Once you've made any changes, you will need to restart the service, or restart the computer. To restart the service, run "services.msc" on the system find the "StableBit Scanner Service" and restart it.
If that doesn't help, then ..... try adding the serial number to the disk name. Right click on each disk and select "Disk Settings" to change it's name.
You can also use this section to set the location information, which may help with identification, as well. 

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