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Google Drive down speed, Cloud Drive, and a realization


I was feeling annoyed with cloud drive and google drive, ~500 Mbps up, but only ~70 Mbps down, I have a gigabit connection. But then I realized: I have only has a gigabit connection for 3 weeks. Prior to that, I had a 50 down and 5 up connection, which is awful. My realization that the down speeds through Google Drive are faster than what my bandwidth once was gave me perspective, and made me realize that I should appreciate that which I have. If you can't be happy with what you already have, you'll never truly appreciate life, you'll only crave more and be unfulfilled. 

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Yup, definitely. 


Speaking of which, I think I need to get more drives. :P

(unfilled, unfulfilled, close enough, at least for my server :P)



But getting faster speeds is definitely "nicer" and there is something to be said for pushing the limits. 



But yeah, if nothing is ever good enough... nothing ever will be. 

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