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NTFS permissions on the root DrivePool - what is the Parent Object?



I have a DrivePool assigned to the drive letter D, and have set the NTFS security settings such that the owner is the Administrators group and the Permissions is for Everyone to have Full Control, this is applied to This folder, subfolders and files. However, if I look at the permissions of a child folder of the DrivePool, then the Owner is still the Administrators group, however the Permission is to allow Full Control to only my username, as opposed to Everyone. This permission is inherited from the "Parent Object", what is this "Parent Object", where can I change its security settings, and why aren't child folders of the DrivePool inheriting from the security settings of the DrivePool drive?



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This is normal, as the sub folder is NOT inheriting the permissions.


You need the check the "Replace all child object permission entries [...]" option when setting the permissions.  

Once you'e done this (it will take a while to complete, depending on the contents of your pool), you should see the "proper" permissions then.



Also, make sure you add "SYSTEM" here, and give it full control.  This is for a number of reasons, but primarily to ensure that StableBit DrivePool has no problems with duplication or balancing (as the service runs in the system account)

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