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  1. I have updated to Version, remeasured and I'm still getting 125GB of unduplicated data?? Just to be clear is this actual unduplicated data and something I should be concerned with, or very bad measuring?
  2. Hi Christopher, Thanks for the prompt reply - I'm happy to update to the latest beta, shall try it to see how well it works. For future reference for anybody, this post at the bottom has links to the beta builds: http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/1206-stablebit-drivepool-known-issues-and-limitations/
  3. This is a fresh installation of DrivePool, a newly created Pool, all settings are at default other than "File protection" -> "Pool File Duplication" and setting this to 2. After re-measuring, the "Pool Organisation" is marked green. No specific folders have been set to have a specific level of duplication (or not in this case), what has been stated above is the only thing that has been done. so why have I got 125GB unduplicated data? Running Version Beta
  4. I have a DrivePool assigned to the drive letter D, and have set the NTFS security settings such that the owner is the Administrators group and the Permissions is for Everyone to have Full Control, this is applied to This folder, subfolders and files. However, if I look at the permissions of a child folder of the DrivePool, then the Owner is still the Administrators group, however the Permission is to allow Full Control to only my username, as opposed to Everyone. This permission is inherited from the "Parent Object", what is this "Parent Object", where can I change its security settings, and why aren't child folders of the DrivePool inheriting from the security settings of the DrivePool drive?
  5. v. I have unignored the SMART warning and there is now no smart warning being triggered at all. If it returns I shall be sure to make a post for you to investigate, unless there is a way to view a log of IDS already submitted to BitFlock?
  6. This is a fresh installation of Windows 10, so the very latest beta as of yesterday. Yeah I guessed the manufacturers software would be the more accurate one... I have already clicked "Submit to BitFlock" and have asked Scanner to ignore that particular warning unless it worsens. If there is a way I can either retrieve an existing submitted ID or reset teh warning to trigger it again I shall, if you can provide instructions.
  7. I mounted the drive on a letter to have a look and noticed two folders, both of them PoolPart, however one was a new one and one was the old one containing all the data originally on the drive. I copied over the contents of the old PoolPart folder to the new one, re-measured and re-balanced and the pool is now working just fine, thank you! However, what puzzles me is this: - This was a fresh installation of Windows 10. - Reinstalled DrivePool. - Added each drive to the pool, and in each case all the data was displayed in the pool correctly. - This drive then very quickly developed a fault as per the Scanner detection. - It was then removed from the pool, fixed through chkdsk and then re-added. What caused DrivePool to then not detect the existing PoolPart folder on the drive and add the drives data to the pool, why create a new empty PoolPart folder on that drive?
  8. I have a disk that has a SMART warning within Scanner. It appears to have a Spin Retry Count of 65536, however the manufacturers software (HGST Windows Drive Fitness Test) states I have a Spin Retry Count if 95, this is after both a short test and an extended test. I'm more inclined to believe the manufacturers data, but clearly this disagrees with Scanner.
  9. I had a single damaged sector on a hard drive which was reported by Scanner during a drive check. I have ran chkdsk /r which found no other bad sectors (regarding my other question, this drive does not a SMART warning, that is another drive). I have had one or two issues with drives disappearing on that controller, so I am putting it down to that. Anyway, after running chkdsk, within Scanner I: - Marked all Unreadable blocks Unchecked. - Marked all Readable blocks Unchecked. - Marked all Unchecked blocks good. Then I removed the drive from the pool, have added it back in, re-measured but the drive isn't being utilised in DrivePool! The drive remains all in grey. So, how after having a damaged sector on a drive, do I then add the drive back to the pool? Thanks.
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