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Damaged sector on a hard drive - how to add drive back into pool?



I had a single damaged sector on a hard drive which was reported by Scanner during a drive check. I have ran chkdsk /r which found no other bad sectors (regarding my other question, this drive does not a SMART warning, that is another drive). I have had one or two issues with drives disappearing on that controller, so I am putting it down to that. Anyway, after running chkdsk, within Scanner I:


- Marked all Unreadable blocks Unchecked.

- Marked all Readable blocks Unchecked.

- Marked all Unchecked blocks good.


Then I removed the drive from the pool, have added it back in, re-measured but the drive isn't being utilised in DrivePool! The drive remains all in grey.


So, how after having a damaged sector on a drive, do I then add the drive back to the pool?



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Well, StableBit DrivePool won't rebalance the pooled data onto the drive automatically.  This would only happen if one or more of the drives are more than 90% full, if the duplication was not optimal (eg, if you have "unusable for duplication" space), or there is another problem disk. 


 If you want to force the software to rebalance to use the drive, then you can install the "Disk Space Equalizer" balancer plugin. This will rebalance the data to equalize disk usage. 



That said, you may want to try remeasuring the pool. Any "grey" data is generally "other" data and not considered pooled. 

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I mounted the drive on a letter to have a look and noticed two folders, both of them PoolPart, however one was a new one and one was the old one containing all the data originally on the drive. I copied over the contents of the old PoolPart folder to the new one, re-measured and re-balanced and the pool is now working just fine, thank you!


However, what puzzles me is this:


- This was a fresh installation of Windows 10.

- Reinstalled DrivePool.

- Added each drive to the pool, and in each case all the data was displayed in the pool correctly.

- This drive then very quickly developed a fault as per the Scanner detection.

- It was then removed from the pool, fixed through chkdsk and then re-added.


What caused DrivePool to then not detect the existing PoolPart folder on the drive and add the drives data to the pool, why create a new empty PoolPart folder on that drive?

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Ah, okay. 


As for the data being grey, that would be why.  The data was not in the "correct" folder.


Also, depending on how you removed the drive, this may be normal.   In some cases, the data may be left on the drive, when removing it from the pool.  Both the "Force damaged drive removal" and "Duplicate data later" options actually do this. 


And once it's completed, in both cases, it will "unhide" the Poolpart folder. 

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