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Can't destroy drive on OneDrive for Business




I have a CloudDrive on OneDrive for Business that I can't fully destroy. I chose the Destroy menu option, entered the word "destroy" and waited for it to complete.


Afterwards I received an error, but the drive was gone and seemed okay until I noticed there are still a ton of files in OneDrive. Also, if I go to create a new CloudDrive, it shows up there in red as "Destroyed Drive".


I then tried to destroy it again from the new drive screen, several times actually, but it always just ends with an error and the files remain.


Now I believe I could just go into OneDrive and delete it directly from there, but before I do that, I thought I'd ask if there's any value to you in diagnosing why this is failing (for a bug report).


BTW, I should probably mention I have two CloudDrives on OneDrive for Business and I'm just trying to destroy one of them. I'm not sure if it's related, but I do get nervous when there's no identifier shown for the "Destroyed Drive" that appears on the new drive screen.  :o




Edit: Added a capture of the error message as it appears:


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"Internal Server Error" indicates that the server has thrown a "HTTP 500" error.  These means that something went wrong on the server side, and is handing out errors as responses. 


There isn't much we can do here, aside from retrying later. 



As for why, .... that's a hard question to answer without more data (aside from what I've already outlined).



As for the "destroyed drive", it will show up that way, if some of the data has already been purged.  You can check for this on the Cloud provider, to see which drive is which.  (check "StableBit CloudDrive\CloudPart-xxxxx\CloudPart-xxxx-METADATA", IIRC) 

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