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VDS.exe preventing HDD spindown


I have 8x8TB drives on an LSI M1015 adapter and am using both Scanner and Drivepool. Even after using regedit to allow spindown (as described in the sticky post in this forum) I noticed the disks were regularly being accessed, thus preventing idling. After a LOT of testing/checking, I finally narrowed it down to a Windows process - VDS.exe.


As soon as I stopped the VDS process, the drives were able to spin down. 


My question is - does Scanner need the VDS process? Is it OK to just stop it to allow the drive to idle?

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The VDS service is the "Virtual Disk Service", and yes, this is needed. More by StableBit DrivePool than StableBit Scanner. But stopping this can (will) break things. 



That said, in StableBit Scanner, in the settings, in the SMART tab, enable the throttling option. 

In StableBit DrivePool, well, do this: 


Set "BitLocker_PoolPartUnlockDetect" to "False" and reboot. 


These two should help prevent this from happening. 

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