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Microsoft leak reveals new Windows 10 Workstation edition for power users.





In a leaked slide, Microsoft describes the edition as “Windows 10 Pro for Workstation†with four main capabilities:

  • Workstation mode: Microsoft plans to optimize the OS by identifying “typical compute and graphics intensive workloads†to provide peak performance and reliability when Workstation mode is enabled.
  • Resilient file system: Microsoft’s file system successor to NTFS, dubbed ReFS, is enabled in this new version, with support for fault-tolerance, optimized for large data volumes, and auto-correcting.
  • Faster file handling: As workstation machines are typically used for large data volumes across networks, Microsoft is including the SMBDirect protocol for file sharing and high throughput, low latency, and low CPU utilization when accessing network shares.
  • Expanded hardware support: Microsoft is also planning to allow Windows 10 Pro for Workstation on machines with up to 4 CPUs and a memory limit of 6TB. Windows 10 Pro currently only supports 2 CPUs.
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Yup, saw this. 


The big things is the 4x CPU Socket support, the 6TB of memory, and SMBDirect support.  This should allow for very high workloads. 


To be blunt, this isn't useful for most people.  This would only affect really high end video/photo people.  Like, I can see Linus from Linus Tech Tips getting huge benefit out of this.  Even more so if they used Windows Server instead of Linux for their storage. 

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