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NoMachine causes DrivePool and CloudDrive's UI applications to crash


The remote desktop application NoMachine (nomachine.com) seems to cause both DrivePool and CloudDrive's UI apps to crash. It doesn't seem to affect Scanner at all though. 


This only seems to happen on whatever computer is acting as the host/server (the computer being controlled) and only when it is being actively controlled remotely. When the computer that is acting as the server is idle, CloudDrive and DrivePool work just fine. If you leave both CloudDrive and DrivePool minimized throughout the entire session, they will be unaffected and will behave normally when you view the windows again (unminimizing them during a remote session will cause them to crash).


The important parts of the applications/drivers seem unaffected, it's only the UI interface that crashes. I haven't tested this on multiple computers yet, but I did have to wipe and reinstall Windows, and the behavior persisted after I reinstalled both applications.

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And it's crashing in exactly the way I thought it would.  Specifically, it's a directX related crash, and since .NET Framework uses DirectX for rendering.... 


So it looks like NoMachine is doing something to trigger the issue here. 


I've flagged the issue, so we can take a look into it. 



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