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Missing Chunk. Is there a way to "fix" ?


Hi all,


I m using Clouddrive for a while now, with Amazon Cloud Drive ... 

I know it is not supported (even less now :) ), but my data is not that "important" so I didn't mind losing files every now and then, or having slow download...


Now since few days I have an issue and wanted to know if there is any change I can resolve it ?


2 Chunk are missing... I see the files in Amazon cloud drive, but am not able to download them... And Clouddrive complain they are not found... and disconnect the disk :(


Now again, I would not mind lossing the file(s) contain in those chunk... My problem is that I don't know which one they are and if there is any chance I can just at least ignore those chunk ?

Ideally remove the files contains in those Chunk, and just then ignore them.... Problem right now is that i cannot keep my drive up more than few minutes as it just disconnect, not finding them...


Is there a way to clean that up ??





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