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Transfer license on BIOS update?


Tonight I updated the BIOS/Firmware on my WHS2011 box, and upon reboot I went to check everything out to make sure all was still good to go. I went to the dashboard and to the DrivePool tab, where I found a notice that I must transfer my license to the new hardware. Is this going to come back to bite me later if I actually choose to upgrade to new hardware? I am considering doing so due to the fact that I have only 4 SATA ports and they're all consumed now. I know I could use a port multiplier or an add-on SATA controller, but then I wouldn't have "old" hardware to make another BOINC box. Not that this is about my BOINC habit, just sayin..


So, I know this is written somewhere in plain English for me to read, but since it's pertinent to the issue I just found, how many times can I transfer the license to new hardware/firmware? 

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If you updated the BIOS, that can definitely happen. The BIOS version/date is some of the information we collect to identify the system when the license is activated. So changing that information could trigger that.

As for moving the license to new hardware... when you deactivate, it also disassociates the license from the hardware completely.  SO you should not have any issues.

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