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Changing (increasing) system drive partition


I have four 1T drives on my server (WHS 2011). The first (Drive1) is partitioned into a system drive (C;) of 60GB and the balance as a logical data drive (E:). The data drive (E:)is a member of the drive pool as are the remaining three physical drives (F:, G:, H:) The DrivePOol is designated I:.  


I need to increase the size of the system drive C: to at least 100 GB. I have not found a way to do repartitioning in DrivePool. So I am guessing the steps are;


1. Remove the data partition (E:) of drive 1 from the DrivePool through the Dashboard.

2. Under windows expand the system drive C: to 100 GB. Use Windows Disk Manager. 

3. Reformat the new, smaller data partition and name it E:. Reboot. 

4. Return it to the drivepool using the Dashboard. 


Is this all? Is there anything I need to look out for?


Thanks for your help. I don't look forward to this. I am running the latest version, v 1.x.


David Charlton 

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