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What does DrivePool do on a duplicated file read error?


I've read Drashna's post here: http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/2596-drivepool-and-refs/&do=findComment&comment=17810


However I have a few questions about ReFS support, and DrivePool behavior in general:


1) If Integrity Streams are enabled on a DrivePooled ReFS partition and corruption occurs, doesn't the kernel emit an error when checksums don't match?

2) As I understand it, DrivePool automatically chooses the least busy disk to support read striping. Suppose an error occurs reading a file. Regardless of the underlying filesystem, would DrivePool automatically switch to another disk to attempt to read the same file?

3) Does DrivePool attempt to rewrite a good copy of a file that is corrupt?



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StableBit DrivePool isn't aware of the integrity streams right now.  

It's one of the reasons that it's "preliminary support for ReFS".  There are a lot of things that we can, should and would like to add to properly support ReFS.  However, a lot of this will basically require reverse engineering the file system. As well, as some deep dives into the API. 



That said, we don't check the checksum every time we access the file. That would be incredibly costly, time consuming, and problematic.  


If we do detect a problem file, IIRC, we error out, in general, rather than switching disks. And you should get prompted about duplication errors, in the UI. 


As for overwriting/rewriting, only when confirmed in the UI. 

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