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Making a Copy/Backup of entire drive


Hi, just a quick question, can I make a copy of the drive contents in my Google Drive folder, and attach it as a new drive? Do I need to create a new Guid for it somewhere other than renaming the Google Drive folder?


Reason I'm asking is, rclone supports server side copying, so I can make a duplicate copy of my entire drive once a month and mount it later on in case of any corruption on my main drive like what happened with a few of us at the start of the month.





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Theoretically, yes. 


However, keep in mind, that pretty much every folder and every file has the GUID in the file name. you'd need to change EVERYTHING.


And I believe that the metadata also includes this GUID, so you'd need to edit the file in an editor that can handle the JSON file properly. 


You're better off doing this to a different account, rather than on the same account.



Also .... this is essentially cloning the drive, so you may run into issues with mounting them on the same system (as with a normal disk when cloning). 

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Ouch, I wish it was simpler.  I will test it using a small dummy disk, clone it, delete the old disk, and get the new disk in place...


I guess I will leave this as the 'last resort' if something really bad happens...


Right now I just need to know if it will be reliable.  I guess testing this will give me the answers.



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