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Feature Request - Assign drive priority for dupicated data



I have 3 cloud drives that are all pooled together and are set at duplication x3 for the entire pool so each drive has the same data.


Drive 1: 100 TB ACD

Drive 2: 100 TB GDrive

Drive 3: 100 TB GDrive


What I would like to accomplish is when accessing the data that is duplicated on all three drives, I want to assign a weight or priority to accessing the data to the two google drives as they have much better access time and speed and avoid using the ACD as it is there just as another level of redundancy.


Ideally this would not be needed it DrivePool was able read from all the drives at the same time for the file being accessed.


Please let me know if this is a possibility.



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There isn't a way to do this currently.  However, this is something that has already been requested, and something that we may implement in the future. 

That said, you may want to disable "Read Striping" for this pool, as it may help with access. ("Pool Options" -> "Performance" -> "Read Striping"

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