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Feature Request - Dynamic prefetch size


Hey guys,


Good to see that the releases are getting more and more solid.


I just had a thought while looking at my transfers/prefetching.


What if you had the prefetch forward value automatically scale based on the hit rate of the prefetch? Perhaps you can provide a range, e.g. between 1 MB and 500 MB based on hit rate. 


For streaming movies, a large prefetch works well (e.g. 150 MB, or even more). The hit rate will be good, thus growing the prefetch size more and more.


If I later then start looking through photos that are only 3 MB each, the hit rate will get pretty terrible, and thus scale back the prefetch again to say 1 MB again.


Just thought this could improve the general bandwidth use, and ultimately performance.



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Well, I'm not sure it would really help. 


Specifically, as the drive reads the {Prefetch Trigger} amount of data, it then grabs the next {Prefetch Forward} amount of data and holds onto it for {Prefetch Time Window} amount of time.    As you keep on reading sequentially, this keeps on occurring, meaning that it essentially rolls forward.  


This is much like the guy laying bricks in front of you, as you walk/drive/etc and then disappearing after you've passed. As you keep going, more and more is prefetched out in front of you, as long as you keep to that path. 

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