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Feature Request? Overall View of all Drive Actions



Hi there,


Awesome software - as always!  I've been using Drivepool and Scanner since nearly the beginning.  Currently I have something like 22 drives in my main drive pool.  They range from iSCSI, SATA-attached, USB (depending on the pool), Ximeta-attached (they have a custom network thing they do), or even virtualized under ESXi.  Anything that shows up to Windows as a physical drive can just be pooled.  I love it!


Recently purchased Clouddrive, after messing around and some Google Searching of this forum, I think I'm fairly setup well.


I have 13 clouddrives setup.

1 box.com, 2 dropbox, 10 Google Drive (not the paid cloud drives, but the provided ones for personal use).


I used all defaults for everything, except

  • set the cache to MINIMIAL+
  • Encrypted it, set it to auto login to that encrypted drives (as I only care that the CLOUD data is encrypted...I mean, you want to look at my pictures of my kids THAT bad and break into my PC to do it...okay, enjoy, you earned it).  
  • Pointed to a specific 100GB hard drive partition that I could dedicate to this (using drivepool on all other drives and one specific thing mentioned was the cache drive could NOT be part of a drivepool)
  • renamed it
  • removed the drive letter and set it to a folder name (use this with drivepooling to cut down on the displayed drive letters for a clean look)

I am getting a slew of "throttling due to bandwidth" issues.  I admit that my cache drive is probably too small for the amount of data I DUMPED and will continue to monitor this as I do not feel that I was getting those messages when I did not just DUMP enough data to fill the ENTIRE CloudPool in one shot.


So, my request is to have a view in the program to look at all drive upload/download at the same time.  Maybe even space?  I love the existing charts.  They are easy to look at, easy to read and understand.  I also like the "Technical Details" page as that shows a TON of information, such as the file - or chunk - and how much of it is uploaded / downloaded.


I'm wondering if there is a way to view all drives at once?  I would use this to get a sense of the overall health of the system.  That is, if I have to scan through all 13 drives, I do not see where my bandwidth is being consumed to understand if the cache drive is FULL or if I am having Upload/Download issues.  This reason, by the time I click through each drive, I do not see where the bandwidth is being consumed as the bandwidth seems to shift between drives fast enough that I do not see a true representation of what is going on.  I'm sure part of that is redrawing the graphs.


I find the technical details page much more useful, as I do not see what is LEFT to upload, but I get a much faster idea of what is going on and although annoying to click through ALL the drives, it seems to be giving me a better idea of what is going on.  I think that having an overall page would be fantastic.


Thank you again for continuing to show what is possible!



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It's not a bad idea, at all.  


Add a request for "all drives" in the reporting, as well, as more robust reporting, in general. 




That said, this won't make it into the 1.0 release, most likely. Alex doesn't want to add any more features right now, as we want to get the software "out the door".  But after that, we will be adding a bunch of providers, and addressing feature requests like this. 

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+1 from here


I would like to add the option to pause/restart specific drives from this view.


And that one of my problems on top of the missing overwiev is, that the drive name length isn't sufficient for me. I have to switch between DrivePool and CloudDrive to be sure which pool I'm in for each drive. And which provider.
Too much information for the name. (and CloudDrive is sometimes messing up the names - mixing or duplicate).
It would be easier if CloudDrive would be linked to DrivePool and show this information.

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