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amazon cloud drive chunk progress 1000%



when im uploading files to ACD the chunks progress is raising for many files up to 1000%.

With other providers (g-drive,...) i dont have this problem.

I have the same settings for all providers (same up/download threads, same cache size,...).




Is this only affecting me?

Happening because ACD is an experimental provider or is it a problem on amazons site?



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This is an issue many have with Amazon. I've had it in almost every version of CloudDrive that I've tried out. It's to be expected and is explained here:









Okay, this is an issue with the Amazon Cloud Drive API specifically. And this is actually ... entirely normal. 


The data is being sent with the request.  That means that the data is sent before we get a response.  So if/when we get a throttling or "HTTP 429" response, the data is essentially "wasted" because it's ignored.  We then have to retry, again and again until it works.


Because of this, we show the 100+% percentage because we have resent the data REPEATEDLY at this point. 



So this isn't really a bug, but ... essentially poorly written API ... both on their and our parts.  
There also, isn't a great way to handle this .... Alex has an idea but basically it's sending two requests per upload, one to make sure that we can, and then a second to actually upload.

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