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Google Drive Upload Error: Object Reference is not set to an Instance of an object



I recently upgraded to the latest beta of and I am now having issues with uploading to one of the Google attached Drives on my system.


I keep getting an error: Object Reference is not set to an Instance of an object.


I have a total of three drives on this system, 1 ACD and 2 Gdrive. The amazon drive and the other google drive don't appear to have any issues. It is only the 3rd drive that I believe was made with an earlier version.


I have attempted to re-authorize the drive and I am still having the same issues.



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Is this still occurring? 


If so, could you grade to the latest and see if this helps? 



If that doesn't help, let me know. 




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The problem is still occurring. I will download and apply the latest beta build now and let you know if it makes a difference.


Edit 1: Updated beta version has been applied. It is just working connecting the Amazon cloud drive right now and then when that is done I assume it will do the same for the two GDrive accounts. I will update you when it has completed.


Edit 2: All drives have mounted successfully and the issue with the 3rd drive appears to be gone and it is now uploading the changes it was waiting on earlier successfully. I will keep an eye on it and start adding some more data to the pool to make sure all is well. I will add another post to this thread if I run into any more of the same issues but right now I would consider it solved.

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