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Drivepool reliability issues...


Hello all.


I've been demoing drivepool for the past few days and have had nothing but issues. I have a simple setup. 2x3TB drives in a pool running on Windows 10 fully updated. 1 folder marked for duplication.


Issue 1 is, my drive pool completely disappeared. No more drive N (my pool). I launch the application, and it lists the drives and able to add to a pool. Curiously, i try to add them to a new pool and it errors out saying they are already in a pool... but there are no pools in the application anymore. I had to uninstall, reboot, reinstall, reboot stablebit in order for the drive pool to be visible again and operational.


Issue 2 (before issue 1). I tested pulling out a drive and putting it in another system. Was picked up and worked great. Brought both drives over to that system and the pool showed up without me doing anything on the other computer running stablebit. I bring them back to the original system, reboot, and none of the stats appear correct and i cannot write to the drive pool. I reboot again, and now it is writable.


Is there a more sable version out there or are these the type of odd issues I can expect? I'm currently running a trial of the software and am trying to choose between this and drivebender, but this is not helping the cause and I really want to go with drivepool... on a side note, I am a systems engineer and work on enterprise NAS devices all day long. Pretty sure thus far it isn't user error.

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