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Pool duplication mysteriously disappeared?


I'm not sure what happened exactly, but I booted up my home server and noticed in My Computer that my pooled drives were half empty.   I soon realized that much of the duplication had somehow disappeared.   In theory the entire pool should have duplication, but currently (DrivePool is only 65% rechecked as I'm writing this) the legend under the pie chart show it has ~8TB duplicated, ~13TB unduplicated, and ~17TB "other", but there's no "other" shown on the pie chart itself.   Also, My Computer says the pooled drive is 35.4TB with 14.4TB free.   The fact My Computer is reporting that much free space (there should be less than 1TB free) is what really has me concerned...

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This is a known issue, please update to this version:



This should fix the issue you are seeing, as well as measuring/balancing issues you may have had. 




And by chance, this is Windows Home Server 2011, Windows 7 or Server 2008R2, correct?

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Is there a way to check what version I'm currently running?   I can't seem to find it anywhere in the UI...


The version is listed in the main UI window, at the bottom.


Otherwise, check the "Uninstall Programs" list, as this will also list the version installed.  


Worse case, check the file properties on the any of the EXE files, and this will also list the version.

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