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Advice More Storage for Windows 10 Server External not USB

Ian Spencer


For drivepool want more storage.


I have in my Windows 8.1 Windows Media Sever / Plex 


1 x SSD

1 x Blu-ray

4 x 6TB WD Red

3 x 8TB Seagate Archive

1 x 3 TB Hitachi


1 x Asmedia 1061 Controler Card

3 x Tuner Cards


I need more storage SATA drives. I have spare random ones and plan  to buy some more WD Reds


What is good for external that will work reliably With DrivePool and Scanner.

I have had no luck with Scanner and External USB and getting any SMART and even tried Advanced settings in Scanner but had computer lock up. Cheap temporary no name USB bay keeps disconnecting every few weeks and I want it gone.

Is eSata an option?


If suggesting other technology I will need hand holding as I don't understand SAS etc and don't have an enterprise budget but could spend up to AUD $500 or maybe more if robust.


I am in Australia


This is all I could easily find that takes greater than 4 TB hard drives readily available.


This is the only Case that seemed to have eSata I could easily find but some say power supply unreliable 




I assume there would also be reliable enterprise second hand equipment based on some of the builds I see here on the forums.





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eSATA absolutely works, and should show up as an internal drive, in fact.


That said, the drive you've linked ... yeah, we have experience with them. They're a rebranded "MediaSonic" enclosure. 

Thta said, if they match this model: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817576012


Then it's using a standard PC power connector, and may be more reliable.




Regardless, I'd recommend "ORICO" enclosures.  I've used a couple (borrowed from friends), and they really feel solidly built. 

THough, the silverstone enclosure on the site you linked has good reviews, as well.


(eSATA and USB3)

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Mostly this: The USB specifications actually allow for unplanned "disconnects" to occur. Not just "when you pull the drive" but for it to periodically to drop the device and have it come back. 


I'm sure you've had a drive or device that has done that. Where you hear the disconnect and then connect sound in rapid succession. 


THis is okay for "cold storage", but if the drive is being used frequently, then it can cause problems (for instance, if it's writing data, it can cause corruption). 


Though, USB is fine with the SMART data (usually), as long as the USB Bridge chipset actually passes it on. 

eSATA is a bit more finicky on that, actually.  In some cases, the controller doesn't (such as with Silicon Images cards).

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I had the reverse issue. I had an external hard drive that had both a USB and eSATA connection, and while I wanted to use eSATA, for some reason Window could never see the drive on eSATA, but had no issue with the USB connection.


I have since only run my external drives on USB.  At the moment I have a media server with 4 external drives connect to USB3 ports and have had no issues over the past two years. Scanner has been able to read the SMART data without any issue.


I tend not to use generic, cheap enclosures, but would rather stick with vendor external drives. At the moment the 4 drives are two WD external drives and 1 WD Duo (two Reds). The two external drives are in 1 pool and the two reds in the Duo are in a second pool.

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