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Nested Drivepools?


I currently have 68TB worth of drives set up, 55 on one system directly hooked up with a Mellanox ConnectX2 via IPoIB so ide, the IO controllers are LSI 9211-8i for internal drives and 2x RocketRaid 642L Port multipliers (replacing it with this next week) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019R09N10/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


I have a 9200-8e but even after flashing to IT firmware it did not pick up my esata boxes. At any rate my real question here is about nested drivepools. On server (A) I have 55TB of drives including to SSDs I'll be using for staging data with the SSD optimizer, on server (B) where I do most of my day2day and initiate most of my downloads from I have 12.7TB worth of drives (both setups excluding the boot drives). My goal here is to use clouddrive and drivepool to create one massive pool of data, the underlying storage 55+12.7 are drivepool themselves. 


I wanted to carve out 10TB drivepools and rope those together into one large drivepool. Would this be a recommended (and supported) setup? All of it is formatted in REFS as well for the bitrot factor. The underlying pools would have duplication (so I get some semblance of parity) and the main pool would have no duplication in the drivepool. 

Is there any flaw anyone can see here, or a better approach to handle this? I want to make sure I do this right as my goal here is to have a more long term storage setup for media streaming and general data storage. 

I was considering an alternative of setting up an iSCSI target/initiator setup seeing as I have a dedicated connection between the machines. However I am trying to get the optimal suggestions to making sure this setup is a good balance on performance, redundancy and capacity.

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Unfortuantely, StableBit DrivePool doesn't support nested pools, at least not directly. 



To be honest, the best way to do this would be yes, use iSCSI to "dump" all of the storage on a single system, and then create a pool with all of the "drives" on that single system.   

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