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No SMART HighPoint RocketRaid 840A HBA



I'm not running the disks in a RAID config. They are all standalone disks added to a DrivePool. 

Scanner says on-disk SMART is not accessible.


I would understand if I was running RAID, but I'm not.






Why is there no Help/About in the interface? Just curious... had to go find the installer to figure out which version I was running.

Oh, I do see it displays the version in some of the Settings windows.

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IIRC, you need to enable the "Unsafe Direct IO" option. 

You'll also need to have the management software from HighPoint installed, IIRC.


Click on the "Settings" button in the toolbar and select "Scanner Settings". Enable the "Show advanced settings and information" option, and hit "OK". You will only need to do this once, from now on, it will always display this option.
Click on "Settings", and select the new "Advanced Settings and information" option. Open the Configuration Properties tab. You will find a list of all the settings here, organized into section. Find the "DirectIo" section, and check the "Unsafe" option, and click "OK".
Then you will need to restart the service, or restart the computer. To restart the service, run "services.msc" on the system find the "StableBit Scanner Service" and restart it.  Or just reboot the system. 
Once you've done this, it should start grabbing SMART data. 
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