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Moving scanners to a new PC

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Hello Guys,


I've logged a couple of support tickets and weeks have passed... Have you changed your support process ?


I was after more information about moving stablebit scanner from one computer to another (I have several licenses and need to move 2 licenses).


I was also enquiring about your OEM program.


Tickets 7907393.



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If your asking on how to do a license swap between machines just go into the GUI of Scanner, click on "Settings" then click on "Scanner Settings" then click the tab on the right "License". From there "View License Details" and click deactivate. Make sure you have your license key email to save some time or at least copy/paste that license key in a safe place.


What this does is removed that specific license from being tied to that specific hardware. Reinstall whatever version of Scanner on your new hardware and your license will be able to be activated on the new machine.


Hope that helps :)



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The ticket was posted as an OEM litcket, which Alex handles, exclusively.  I don't see it, unless I open it up manually (eg, past in the URL).


For anything not OEM related, please do open a ticket for the proper category, as I receive that, and it should be checked daily. 



Regardless, I've answered the ticket, though I can't really give a lot of information about the OEM side, as Alex is the one that handles that stuff.

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Thanks Chris and Cyberskulls.. I missed the location of the license and after performing a search it mentioned I needed to log a ticket...


Chris, in relation to the OEM query, I understand where you are coming from, but with weeks passing without a response I was wondering what was going on.


coming back to the scanner and license, I have rebuilt two of the computers that had scanner installed... I will follow up my other queries via the ticket... Thank you

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