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Write error when copying multiple large files? Google Drive Provider



Hello Everyone,


I just started testing CloudDrive and have run into a problem copying files to Google Drive.


I can copy 1 or 2GB video files to the CloudDrive folder with no problems.


I have trouble when I copy 5 or 10 2GB files ... after the first couple files are copied to the folder, the file copy process slows down. After a while, the copy will abort - OSX displays an error that there was a read/write error.


In CloudDrive's logs I noticed that Google Drive reported a throttling error?

22:26:22.1: Warning: 0 : [ApiGoogleDrive:14] Google Drive returned error: [unable to parse]
22:26:22.1: Warning: 0 : [ApiHttp:14] HTTP protocol exception (Code=ServiceUnavailable).
22:26:22.1: Warning: 0 : [ApiHttp] Server is throttling us, waiting 1,327ms and retrying.
22:26:23.5: Warning: 0 : [IoManager:14] Error performing I/O operation on provider. Retrying. The request was aborted: The request was canceled.

I thought write data is cached to the local drive first then slowly uploaded to the cloud? Why would there be a throttling error with many large files are copied?



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To make sure, are you on the version? 




Yes, running 777 beta, I downloaded it directly from your website a few days ago. The provider is almost unusable in OSX - in Windows, it's better since Explorer can retry failed file transfers.


I will try to get a set of logs to you in the next few days.



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