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Create removable disk pool




So I finally snapped up some 4TB external drives in today's sales, and I want to use them for off site backups. To do this, I would like to bring them home, plug them into the storage server and then simply robocopy everything on. If I create a new pool solely for these disk, will drive pool 'gracefully' handle them being disconnected when I take them off site, and then reconnected every couple of weeks when they are brought home?


Thanks for the help



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Although mine are not external drives, I have mine set up similar to what your wanting. I have multiple pools. I call my two main pools NAS001 and NAS002. I also have backups pools that reside on totally separate chassis called BKP001 and BKP002. After my backups are done, I simply disconnect that JBOD chassis and the pool just doesn't show up till it's reconnected. Drivepool doesn't seem to care.


Hope that helps.



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