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Disks Woken Every Hour





First of all, and this might be a bit of brown nosing, but I used to use flexraid until I got shafted over licensing.


Moved to your products a year or two ago, and love them.


Having got the flattery out of the way, I have an issue with sleeping hard disks.


If I enable "start/stop automatically" then they are woken every hour (in the logs 47 minutes past the hour).  If I uncheck "start/stop automatically" then they sleep until I access them, but then I don't have automatic monitoring...


I've attached my settings, in the hope that I've just clicked a setting that is causing this.









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removed logs, as log file are attached (to shorten post)
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Well, the logs indicated that the system was re-evaluating bad sectors every hour.  


If unchecking the option fixes the issue, there must be a bug in the code regarding this. 


To make sure, all of the disks are definitely not past due (eg, have been scanned in the last 30 days)?

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