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748 build - Amazon Cloud Drive and ChunkId_Persistent




I recently updated to the 748 build and had some performances issue with Amazon Cloud Drive.


I was on 723 before. Reading the change log, I noticed a new feature (authoritative and non-authoritative) that was implemented and that the default on existing drive was non-authoritative.


Before turning off the option, I was getting 2-3 mbps in read on the new build and it was barely constant. After changing the config file and setting the ChunkId_Persistent to false, I got back the performances I was getting on 723 (15-20mbps).


Did I do the right thing by setting this value to false? Could I run into issues in the future? What are the advantages of having this feature set to true?


Thank you!

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There is no "right answer" here. 


however, the new File ID system is designed specifically to reduce the number of API calls made to the specific providers. 


I'm not sure that Amazon Cloud Drive is one of the providers in question, though.  But it may be. 


Regardless, there should be no ill effects from changing the settings. 

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