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Drive Failure & Stablebit Updates



Hey guys,


I'm currently trying add/replace another drive to my as my current drives are 3-4 years old and getting to the point of potential failure, despite Stablebit Scanner saying nothing. (Just me being paranoid and thinking ahead).


Now, I've added, and removed drives before without any issues but what are the best practices for drive failure to get everything back and running. Current pool is


1x 4TB

1x 3TB

2x 2TB


All at 2x Duplication, so 3.83TB left free of 10TB Pool. Anything I should do/tweak ahead of time?


Also, I know y'all are working on getting CloudDrive up and running, but do you know when the next stable release for DrivePool is going to be? It seems I've been running on forever but I'd rather not roll my dice with the Betas.



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Well, if StableBit Scanner isn't seeing any problem with the drives, and you're not seeing any odd behavior, they're probably still fine.  But still may not be a bad idea. 


As for drive failure, you just remove the drive, remove the "missing" drive in the UI, and then either add a drive or let it run.  it will check the pool and reduplicate data as needed.  So nothing "special" needs to be done. 


If StableBit Scanner is installed, and it detects damage on the drive, StableBit Drivepool will automatically start trying to move data off of that drives


As for StableBit DrivePool, we don't have an ETA, but we do hope to have new builds out soon, so we can have a new public release in the near future. 

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