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LSI 9261 Raid card not showing S.M.A.R.T information, just one big drive.


I have a raid setup, but despite selecting the unsafe option in advanced settings I can't see the smart data. I'd like to monitor the individual physical status of these drives in a raid array.


All I get is one massive drive to scan, but what if one of the drives in the array starts to fail? Can Stablebit Scanner give detailed data on drives in a raid array?


Search gave me old posts with workarounds that don't exist any longer.

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StableBit Scanner won't show the individual drives in a RAID array.  Only individual, passed through disks. 



The only way to get the SMART data would be to break up the RAID arrays and pass through the individual disks. 



The reason for this, is the initial design and some of the handling.  It was designed to handle individual disks, and the UI reflects that.  Adding SMART data for multiple disks in a single array means a significant overhaul to the UI and how a number of elements are handled.  

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