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Font color issue with high contrast theme enabled



My eyes are pretty light-sensitive, so I enabled Dark Mode in Windows 10 and also the High Contrast theme in accessibility settings in Windows 10. This is great because almost every app that I use runs in a kind of dark mode for Windows and I'm not blinded by bright white backgrounds in apps any longer. Well this is true for most of the apps I use, but yours is an exception.


With your app, you've chosen to allow the font color to change with theme changes, but not the background, so enabling the High Contrast theme puts a white font on your hardcoded white background. Here's what that looks like:




Can I ask that you do one of two things?


1. Hardcode everything so the text is black where it needs to be to stay visible. Why allow it to change when changing can only cause problems if you are not going to change any of the rest of the interface when the theme changes?

2. (Ideal) Properly support themes in Windows so that when High Contrast is enabled the interface is displayed properly, the background can darken, and the text will be more readable. It should look closer to this when High Contrast is enabled.



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I know this is an old post, but it's still an issue 4 years later. My monitor is 750 nit brightness and pure white windows are nearly blinding, so I run everything in dark mode. This works for 99% of applications these days, but the stablebit suite doesn't respect the dark mode setting.

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