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Disk surface not rechecked in 4 months, but settings are for 30 days?



I keep trying to figure out what I'm overlooking, because this seems like such a basic issue, it shouldn't be a bug, but I am finding that Scanner only rechecks the surface of my disks when I manually tell it to do so -- despite the fact my settings say they should be automatically rechecked every 30 days.   I've waited for over four months and Scanner has yet to recheck a single disk's surface on its own -- the GUI says the disks were last scanned four months ago (when I manually started the scans) -- this is on a simple home server that is on 24/7 and has relatively low activity.


I'm also concerned the same is true for the file system scans -- Scanner's GUI doesn't say when the last check was done, only that it has been done at some point.


I have looked through the settings, and everything seems set up to facilitate automatic scans:


1)   Scans can be performed any day at any time.


2)   It throttles activity when overheating (it does not suspend activity).


3)   It scans at background I/O priority, at medium thrashing sensitivity.


4)   It doesn't interfere with other disks on the same controller.   But even the little-used disks on a SATA3 controller aren't being scanned.

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