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Replacing bad drive in pool



I have a NAS (Windows 10) with two data drives E: and F: in drive pool G:. Both drives are 3T, there is plenty of open space.   All files on drive E: are duplicated on drive F, about 500G.  Note: OS and program files are on drive C:  E: died.  So, I am ready to replace drive E:, but want to review steps


Remove old drive via Drive pool.

Add in new drive via Disk Management as E:

Add to pool via Drive pool.

Copy duplicated files back to new drive E:

Configure duplication for E: to F: via Drive pool



Is this the correct procedure?  Anything else that needs to be done?



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If you remove the old disk via DrivePool, it moves out all of the pooled files as part of the removal process.  


There isn't anything else you need to do other than removing the disk and re-adding it.

The software will take care of everything else.




That said, if everything on the disk is duplicated data... you can use the "Duplicate data later" option. This skips the duplicated data, leaving it on the disk. It then runs a duplication pass after the disk is removed, reduplicating the data, as needed. 


Also, if the disk is bad, the "Force Damaged Disk Removal" option may be a good idea. Normally, the removal process stops when it runs into an error.  This option skips problem files and continues to remove the disk. 

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