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Moving files directly out of the poolpart folders


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Hey guys, 

Drivepool has served me well for over 10 years.  Unfortunately, I'm moving over to Unraid. Nothing to do with Drivepool itself; it works fantastic.  I just can't get Snapraid to work in conjunction with it, and I need that extra layer of backup.  So my question is, I do need to evacuate off of the Drivepool one drive at a time, and I don't have enough room to empty a drive, remove it, and then go to the next drive.  I was wondering if it was possible to move files directly off of a particular drive's poolpart folder instead?  Will it cause Drivepool to freak out in any way?

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yes, easy peasy.

get all your data straight and organized within DrivePool.  this means remeasuring/rebalancing/whatever so that you have the solid green bar at the bottom of the DP GUI.  the point of this is to mitigate any inconsistancy issues that could 'migrate' to unRAID.  i have read that unRAID has its own peculiar issues, so i would also take note/screenshots of my DrivePool settings.  you never know... and better safe than sorry.

you can 'reverse' this process:


so, basically just show hidden files and folders, Stop DP service, and navigate to the hidden PoolPart.xxxx folders on each of the underlying drives comprising your DrivePool.  select all folders/files in each PoolPart Folder, right-click and CUT (do not select copy), and go back up and PASTE into the root of each drive.  do this for each pooled drive.  when done,  reopen DP GUI and go to Manage Pool ^ Remeasure > Remeasure the pool.  this should happen very quickly since all your previous data is now absent from the pool and it will all show as 'other.'  this will also help ensure pain-free drive removal.  REMOVE each drive from the pool (leave all pop-up removal options UNCHECKED (should also happen very quickly).  Viola, you are done.  i would reboot here.  delete the now empty unused PoolPart folders too.  a defrag of all drives concerned can only speed up any upcoming tasks with unRAID.

i have never used SnapRAID or unRAID, but i imagine you could now delete/format/diskpart whatever the drives you were using as parity for SnapRAID and get busy setting up unRAID.

hope this helps :)

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