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GUI pie graph versus Windows Drive size

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I created a 10 TB cloud drive, and have been slowly filling it up with data. I noticed that sometime during this process, The GUI's right pie chart, where the cloud drive's details are displayed, has become possibly incongruous with what the drive reports in Windows File Explorer. I will attach a picture of them to show what I mean. Should the pie chart reflect how much of the cloud drive is in use, and should it be roughly equivalent to what Windows thinks is on it? I have uploaded ~955GB to it, which Windows picks up as there, but the pie chart is not showing. If this is not supposed to happen, I would be happy to provide logs, or whatnot, to suss out the cause.


I have beta v597 (or close to it) installed at first. Just yesterday I updated to build 606. I have a pretty good Internet connection, at 200 down, 20 up, with no bandwidth cap, so reupping or redownloading any amount of data is no problem.


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I guess it might look that way to begin with - and thats probably what had me confused at first. Before reaching the cache limit, locally stored data would be about the same as total used data on the drive. Once you pass the cache limit and it starts getting trimmed, or the cache gets cleared, it will no longer match up.

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I thought it was % free space when I first saw it too, though I think the graph on the right actually shows the % of the drive currently stored locally - its usually the size of the cache + data to upload (total of the graph on the left) / total space.

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