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[Provider Suggestion] FTP/SFTP Support


From what I have tried, StableBit is by far the most ... Well, Stable, network drive emulation program. 
I tried looking around to make sure before posting, and it doesn't look like anyone has asked for this yet, and since you guys allow for local drives I assume you are not exclusively service minded.

I think many people would love to have FTP/SFTP support in StableBit to allow them to use StableBit for "personal cloud servers" as-well. 

Emulating FTP with other programs like NetDrive is not matured feature wise, and thus unusable for serious use. 

Thank you for reading :) 

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We do plan on adding FTP (and it's variants), However, we are waiting until after we have a stable release to add any more providers. 



You can see the "master list" of requested providers and their status here: 


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You're very welcome!



More or less.  It's more like a (very) rough outline:



What's not mentioned there, is that after CloudDrive is released (finally), we plan on addressing a number of issues in Scanner and DrivePool, and then to whatever is next. 

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