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[Feature] Snapshot



I did not find information about it...


Would CloudDrive support something like snapshoting?


At the moment Encrypting-Trojans (aka CryptoLocker) are popular and because DrivePool is adding a real Drive, these Trojans can encrypt all files in it too...

I know, that DrivePool supports Volume Shadow Copies, but normally these will get deleted with all original Data



I'm thinking about multiple Versions of the same File and in general the following possibilities:

  • revert to a previos snapshot
  • mount a read-only Volume out of a previos snapshot
  • automatic snapshot rotation (for example with Grandfather-father-son rotation scheme)
  • automatic snapshot when no write operation happens (for a consistent filesystem)
  • snapshot replication (nice to have, but DrivePool can also be used)


Does Cloud-Drive uses internally a b-tree representation?

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Well, specifically, StableBit DrivePool itself doesn't support VSS, at all. The underlying disks may, and that *may* save you, depending on exactly how the malware purges the snapshots.


As for StableBit CloudDrive, it doesn't. Specifically, it relies on the file system used on the drive, and stores the raw data blocks.  So if you're using NTFS, then yes, it's using a B+ Tree.



As for separate, non-VSS snapshots, I'll flag that as a feature quest, but that would essentially require a new file system. 

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