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File Duplication - how can I copy both version of inconsistent files to a safe place before resolving the failure?



My DrivePool reports inconsistent files in a duplicated folder, probbably as a result of an occasional system crash.

How can I save both copies of the drivepool stored duplicates, before I start the resolving process? I do not want to copy the whole drive or so....

Result of "dpcmd check-pool-fileparts "L:\_FAMILY\00_ALLE\_Familie" 4" -> relevant extract:
    ** [2x/2x] L:\_FAMILY\00_ALLE\_Familie\Karteiordner.txt(128 KB - 131.550 B)
      -> \Device\HarddiskVolume8\PoolPart.cc193de9-fd45-41f6-8a68-37835871574d\_FAMILY\00_ALLE\_Familie\Karteiordner.txt[Device 0]
      -> \Device\HarddiskVolume7\PoolPart.4a0c374a-4b21-4362-acb1-712dd4230fe7\_FAMILY\00_ALLE\_Familie\Karteiordner.txt[Device 5]

Summary of dpcmd:
  Directories: (4)
    - [Streams: (0) 0 B (0 B)]
  Directory parts: (8)
    - [Streams: (0) 0 B (0 B)]
  Files: (16) 8,43 MB (8.836.169 B)
    - [Streams: (11) 890 B (890 B)]
  File parts: (32) 16,9 MB (17.672.338 B)
    - [Streams: (22) 1,74 KB (1.780 B)]

  File parts by pool part UID:
    - 4a0c374a-4b21-4362-acb1-712dd4230fe7:
        x2 - (16) 8,43 MB (8.836.169 B) [Streams: (11) 890 B (890 B)]
    - cc193de9-fd45-41f6-8a68-37835871574d:
        x2 - (16) 8,43 MB (8.836.169 B) [Streams: (11) 890 B (890 B)]

  Directory parts by pool part UID:
    - 4a0c374a-4b21-4362-acb1-712dd4230fe7:
        x2 - (4) [Streams: (0) 0 B (0 B)]
    - cc193de9-fd45-41f6-8a68-37835871574d:
        x2 - (4) [Streams: (0) 0 B (0 B)]

  * Inconsistent directories: 0
  * Inconsistent files: 1
  * Missing file parts: (0) 0 B (0 B)
  * Some attributes were inconsistent, StableBit DrivePool has been notified.

  ! Error reading directories: 0
  ! Error reading files: 0

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1.  enable 'show hidden files and folders' in file explorer settings.  this will allow you to see the hidden 'PoolPart.xxxx' folder on each of the underlying drives that comprise your pool.

2.  in file explorer, navigate to the PoolPart.xxxx folder on each underlying drive where the file in question is stored, find the file and right-click it and choose 'copy' (do not just drag-n-drop).  paste the files elsewhere outside the pool (may need to rename one of them if copying both to the same folder/directory).  you now have safely (for the moment) backed up the file(s) as per your original post.

3.  open each file on each underlying drive and determine which one you want to keep.  then delete the file from the underlying drive that you DO NOT want to keep.  then right-click COPY the good file from your backup location and paste right back to where you just deleted the bad file.  (make sure both files on each underlying drive are named the same)

4.  in the DrivePool error/notification box, choose the 'fix it myself' option, or hit the X in the corner and just close the box.

5.  in the DrivePool GUI -  upper right corner cog wheel with downpointing arrow/Troubleshooting/Recheck duplication...

6.  Wait for it to finish and Viola... you're done.

this is a micro-managey way to do it, but safer than allowing DrivePool to just default select to keep the newer file, which may in fact be the bad one.


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