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Ordered File Placement questions


I have a couple of questions if anyone knows.


1. When "move new and existing" files is enabled, how does it choose what old and existing files get moved? I assume that it first checks for file size and then oldest date when moving files from a lower tier drive to an upper tier one?


2. Is it possible to exclude a file name from ever being moved? For example, when using snapraid, I would like it so that the snapraid.content file stays on the disk it is assigned to.

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  1. The options here are for "new files only", meaning that new files are placed in accordance with the balancer. Existing files are left alone and are NOT moved. And by "new files", it means files that are added to the pool.  So files added before the balancer was installed and enabled are not moved, but any files you add after that are moved in accordance with the balancer. 


    The other option is to move new and existing files, so that the existing files are moved to new drives, regardless of when they were added to the pool. 


  2. Yes and no. There isn't a built in way to do this currently.

    You can use "new files only" option, and that should work. 

    Or you can use the File Placement Rules to lock the specific file to specific disks. 

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