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Best practices securing the file server from ransomware.


Due to the recent ransomware outbreaks in windows and macosx i've decided to secure my drivepool file server, i no longer share the entire drive pool with the homegroup, only specific directories are exposed as read only, the file transfers to the pool will be done through FTP only using WinSCP and Bittorent Sync, any other strategy to think about?

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I'm sorry to hear that!  And yeah, that stuff is pretty nasty. 


As for the pool, setting NTFS permissions on the pool will help, as it affects what can be messed with, depending on the users.



Also, you may want to check this out:


Donate-ware version: http://www.thirdtier.net/ransomware-prevention-kit/

I highly recommend it, and for all of the systems. as it will lock down the system and help prevent ransomware from affecting the system (how, it can interfere with stuff like Chrome, BitTorrent, etc).  But it's worth looking into. 

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Also, backup your data. Either to the cloud, or to some other sort of off site back.  


The reason this highly recommended by a lot of people, is that if something does happen to your data (ransomware, fire, etc), you have a good copy somewhere else, that you can easily recover from. 



If you have a friend that you trust, and both of you have a good amount of space (or otherwise, have a co-located system), BitTorrent Sync is a good idea. FTP or the like work as well too, though BT Sync is much easier. 

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