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A Question about migrating disks



Ok I will probably explain this all wrong so please forgive me in advance.


I had the following setup under WHS 2011 on my HP mediasmart ex495.


250 GB OS (c:) and Scratch Area (d:)

3 x 2TB Pool drives (F:) with all my server shares, I even moved over the default windows ones to here.


My OS disk just died and rather then replace and reinstall windows I decided it was time to retire the hardware.


So I got my new machine and installed WHS 2011, updates, drivers and the latest copy of Drivepool.


Am I right in assuming all I need to do is plug in the 3 drives that were part of my original pool and drivepool will do what it needs to to get the data viewable, after which all I have to do is share the folders out again?






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Yup. :)


DrivePool will recognize the pooled drives, rebuild the pool, and it should even notice if you are missing disks. :)

However, after that, I would recommend using the "WSS Troubleshooter" to "Reset NTFS permissions on the pool" (to wipe them clean), and then "Rebuild DrivePool Shares", as this will configure WHS2011 to use the pooled drive for the shared folders, so you don't have to manually configure them yourself.



Almost like that tool was built for reinstalls. :):P




Also, if you don't mind me asking, did you have Server Backup set up? And if not, why not? It would have made restoring a half hour procedure, and you'd be back up and running just as it was.


And .... (sorry for the completely shameless self promotion here, but) Did you have StableBit Scanner installed? If not, I would recommend at least checking it out, as it may have warned you about that failed hard drive before it went (depending on how it failed).  

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Thanks for the confirmation.


I didnt have stablebit scanner installed it was infact the OS that warned me.


The whole WHS 2011 upgrade was just an experiment for me that turned into production so no server backup done!  Plus I cheaped out when I bought the VGA only breakout cable for the EX495, which means I cannot access the bios of the machine can only do things after the OS has started.


I was given the EX495 by one of our sub tenants at work as they had moved to cloud storage.  I very excitedly got it setup with WHS v1 and all was good.  On a complete whim, I ordered the breakout cable and installed WHS 2011 to find that the pooling function had been removed!  So some quick goggling I found Stablebit drivepool, I installed it and after the trial ordered my license.


This new server build is just an interim for me as I have purchased a HP N54L.  Just need to purchase some disks and i will be rebuilding the whole thing again with a little more planning which will include a backup strategy for the server too.


Oh one further question, when attempting to activate Drivepool it wont accept my code, it would appear I need to deactive the previous install but as that OS disk is unusable I cannot.  Who would be best to contact to get that sorted?




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Nimbu,  head to "http://stablebit.com/Contact" and we'll reset the activation for you.

In the meanwhile, you could activate the trial period. 


And very nice grab on the ex495.  Though, as for the BIOS, there really isn't much in there to change. :(  I had one of those units, and yeah, a lot of hte options are basically stripped out. Though, IIRC, most of the default settings are basically ideal.



And yeah, the HP MicroServer's are a nice system too. Are you planning on using the BIOS mod for it?


Also, I'd recommend a small disk for the operating system. And basically just backing up that drive. 

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